King Air 350

Tamarack Performance SMARTWING™ technology is the ultimate King Air 350 upgrade. Increase the capability & capacity of your existing fleet with improved range, decreased turbulence, and enhanced payload and MZFW.

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Patented Tamarack Performance SMARTWING™ technology is easily installed onto any King Air 350 aircraft — and once you experience flying with them, you’ll wonder how you've ever completed missions without them.

Performance SMARTWING™ technology dynamically responds to changing loads and conditions — they’re designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and stability, meaning you’ll get to altitude faster and enjoy smoother flights with less turbulence & drag, all while dramatically increasing the range of every flight.

Passengers, crew, and sensitive surveillance equipment all benefit from the ultra-enhanced ride smoothing that only Performance SMARTWING™ technology can provide. Increase range, carry more passengers and cargo and improve operating margins across the board.

Performance SMARTWING™ technology is the definitive upgrade to the King Air 350.

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What to Expect

Tamarack Active Winglets are retro-fitted with minimal downtime for your aircraft. The installation is non-invasive and we follow a process that has passed rigorous testing from both the FAA and EASA.

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