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We believe that every aircraft should be more efficient and sustainable. Our wing technologies are transforming the aviation industry—shaping new possibilities in safety, performance, and comfort.
Active Winglets
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Tamarack Wing Technology

Tamarack Active Winglets are a patented wing technology that can be
retro-fitted onto any aircraft, or installed in new production aircraft. They dynamically respond to changing loads and conditions and are designed
for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and stability without the need for
the additional weight required by traditional winglets. 

What does that mean for your aircraft?

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changing the way the world flies

We’re on a mission to make flying more sustainable.

Tamarack Active Winglets set a new standard in sustainable aviation. Through our revolutionary design, we’re making a positive impact right now.

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Safety, Quality and Certification

Tamarack is committed to the highest level of safety and quality for our customers and employees. Our SMARTWING™ Technology undergoes a rigorous testing process, and is certified by the FAA and EASA.

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