Frequently Asked Questions

What is Active Winglet technology?
What are the primary advantages of Active Winglets?
What is the difference between Active Winglets and passive winglets?
What was the certification process for Active Winglets with the FAA and EASA?
What is the return on investment?
What kind of plane is best suited for Active Winglets?
How do Active Winglets enhance a plane’s performance?
Do winglets save fuel? How much?
Is it true Active Winglets only enhance performance for certain portions of a flight?
How do Active Winglets smooth the ride?
Are Active Winglets safe?
How does the pilot know the system is working properly?
Do Tamarack’s Active Winglets connect to other aircraft control systems?
Do the active elements move in unison?
Can you see the TACS move while you are flying?
What if one TACS goes up while the other is down?
Why do I see winglets on other planes?
Where can I have Active Winglets installed?
What is the installation process like?
What role does Tamarack see itself playing in making the aviation industry greener?