Tamarack is a team of highly qualified experts taking aerospace to the next level - we are moving quickly, and growing among the industry as efficiency experts.

Our continued successful development of personnel relies heavily on our company’s investment in each of our team members, enriching the company and driving our brand.

Our benefits are consistently evaluated to enrich each employee and reflect the value of our team. We compensate each employee based upon exceptional skill, high standards, and hard work. We offer health care benefits and employee flight training reimbursement, as well as a matching 401k plan commencing October 2021. As of January 2022, we will also offer an unlimited vacation policy. 

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Our Story

International Sales Person

Tamarack Aerospace Limited seeks to recruit an experienced International Salesperson to execute the sales strategy for our International customer base.

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Sales Director

Tamarack Aerospace Group is looking to add a Sales Director to lead our growing Sales Team.

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Aircraft Structures Mechanic

An Aircraft Structures Mechanic with Tamarack Aerospace will primarily be responsible for all aspects of the structural and mechanical installation of wing extensions, winglets, and control surfaces.

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What’s it like to work at Tamarack?

Incredible innovation, strong teamwork, and a highly motivated mission.

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