Bob Briggs is a self-proclaimed “transportation aficionado”. Growing up, he always had a penchant for transportation and got his first taste of flying at age 12 and got his pilot’s license after his  birthday.In fact, he holds the Guinness Book of World Records for most type ratings, with 109 total and has nearly 19,000 flight hours accumulated over 50 years. He was also recently honored as the Tennessee Pilot of the Year for the second consecutive time- mostly due to his work with Angel Flights Mid-Atlantic, which provides medical transportation for patients in need. Bob bought his CJ1 with Active Winglets already installed but stated he would’ve added them on anyway. According to Bob, there are many benefits that improve his flying experience.

“This aircraft wouldn’t go straight to altitude without the Active Winglets. They provide a smoother ride for patients and save money by going farther on fuel. I can provide more stable and safe rides with lower approach speeds and I am able to legally take off in high/hot conditions – I’d be grounded without the ActiveWinglets. I’m so honored to be able to help in this way.”

The biggest benefit he says is the swift climb to altitude and the smoother ride-both advantageous for frequently transporting patients. Using load sensors and a camber surface that can respond in fractions of a second, Tamarack Active Winglets automatically control wing bending during turbulence and high events. Active Winglets also provide significant fuel savings. Since his is a volunteer mission, saving 15-30 gallons of fuel is not only incredibly beneficial economically, but also allows him to complete additional trips. Another advantage is being able to approach landing at a slower, more comfortable speed and bring the airplane to a smooth stop. Tamarack Active Winglets provide a more relaxed landing at a much safer speed – and a stabilized approach at the proper airspeed and altitude is the key to an ideal landing. Bob takes a great deal of pride in the safe, comfortable transport of patients, and the addition of Tamarack Active Winglets allow him to truly go further.

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