Bern Kotelko is a CitationJet owner from Kelowna, Canada, and one of Tamarack's very first customers, having modified his CJ1+ with Active Winglets in 2013.  Founder and CEO, Nick Guida, and Bern first became acquainted at CJP in 2013 when he heard about the Active Winglet technology. Bern was then invited to participate in a demonstration flight during the event.  

Bern was instantly impressed. After takeoff, the demonstration plane was able to climb continuously all the way to FL410. He said “It was amazing. I was really baffled because my flat wing CJ1+ barely makes it to 41,000 feet.”  The Active Winglet modified CitationJet was able to climb faster and consistently climb to FL410 in 32 minutes or less at maximum takeoff weight. Bern stated that typically, pilots will have to stop at 36,000 feet and burn off fuel. With Tamarack’s Active Winglets, planes can reach cruising altitude much faster with more stability. He stated, “I also noticed when we got to altitude, the angle of attack went all the way to .2 in 3-5 minutes, and even in my (flat wing) CJ1+ with extra power it usually took around 20 minutes to pick up that kind of speed.”

These two advantages are what Bern says sold him on Active Winglets on the spot, even before the demonstration flight landed exclaiming that "It's really a no-brainer for these CitationJets."  

Tamarack Active Winglets have a proven fuel savings of up to 33%, with increased range and fewer stops.

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