SMARTWING™ Technology for Commercial Aircraft

Active Winglets take the performance of your commercial fleet to a new level, delivering a real solution to sustainability for today’s aircraft. Retrofittable to your existing fleet with technology available today, Active Winglets deliver an unrivaled transformation to your aircraft’s efficiency. Contact us to further explore our new technology.

A Greener, Leaner Fleet

Media focus continues to grow on aviation emissions, and while new sustainable fuels and aircraft solutions are in development, the timeline for full scale delivery remains in the uncertain future. With very few technology solutions readily available today, we understand that meeting government, regulator and even your own company’s emissions targets is a great, and perhaps a seemingly impossible, challenge. 

Tamarack has developed a solution that significantly increases aircraft efficiency by adapting its aerodynamic performance, greatly contributing to the goal of reducing carbon emissions. Traditional, or passive winglets, typically gain 3-5% efficiency through aerodynamic changes. In comparison, by maximizing the aerodynamic  performance, Tamarack  Active Winglets deliver game changing reductions in fuel burn and emissions for commercial aircraft. This can be as significant as 18% on a Boeing 737-800  or 15% on an A320 CEO.

Visit our Technology page for more information on how our system works.

The installation of passive winglets typically requires extended ground time with thousands of people-hours dedicated to installing hundreds of pounds of additional structural reinforcement. Our Active Winglets require no wing reinforcement, owing to our patented load alleviation system, which rapidly unloads the wing during high G or maneuver events. This not only means that the efficiency gains from Active Winglets are uncompromised versus traditional winglets, but they  are also painless to retrofit and require minimized ground time.  

We'd love to discuss how we can work with you to reduce the emissions of your existing fleet, and significantly decarbonize your operation.


Our Approach to Sustainability

We’re on  a mission to make flying better and more sustainable. Tamarack Active Winglets set a new standard in sustainable aviation with technology that is available today. Through our revolutionary design, we are making a positive impact right now. Our Sustainability White Paper outlines the ways in which the aviation industry is responding to the climate change crisis. The case study shows that if Active Winglets were retrofitted to the existing global 737 and A320 fleets, 1.6 billion tons of CO2 could be prevented from entering the atmosphere over the next 20 years. 

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