Eco-SMARTWING™ Technology

Technology designed for the future of aviation sustainability- available today. Rapid retrofits, proven fuel savings, and scalable across all airframes. Eco-SMARTWING™ technology is the solution the industry is ready for.

A Sustainable Solution

Aviation emissions are a growing concern - one the media and global governments refuse to ignore. Tamarack Eco-SMARTWING™ Technology delivers an immediate solution to the demands of a more sustainable future.

Eco-SMARTWING™ Technology significantly optimizes aerodynamic efficiency by increasing lift and reducing drag, delivering a significant reduction in both fuel burn and associated CO2 emissions.

Visit our Technology page to discover how our rapidly retrofittable Eco-SMARTWING™ technology works.


Focused on Sustainability

A cleaner future for aviation. At Tamarack Aerospace, that's our mission - and we're hard at work developing real solutions to meet that goal. Like our Eco-SMARTWING™ Technology.

Our Sustainability White Paper deails ways in which the aviation industry is responding to the climate change crisis, and how Eco-SMARTWING™ Technology can help eliminate 1.6 billion tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere over the next 20 years.

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