Safety, Quality & Certification

Tamarack Aerospace is committed to the highest possible level of safety for our customers and employees.  

Safety Standards

Active Winglets maximize your aircraft’s margin of safety in multiple ways. Extra weight allowance, improved climb performance, and ride smoothing technology increases safety and passenger comfort with a noticeably more stable ride. In addition, a higher cruise altitude saves fuel, providing peace of mind for both pilot and passenger during those high-traffic landing times -because more fuel reserve means more time flying comfortably.

Our growing fleet of Active Winglet-transformed aircraft has tens of thousands of flight hours. A qualified pilot of any level can operate the Active Winglet System. Our promise is safety and functionality with the peace of mind that comes with the highest standards in testing and certification, endorsed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Our commitment to safety extends far beyond the certification and production of our revolutionary Active Winglets. Our team of highly trained and qualified aerospace experts are here to help you meet the highest safety standard possible with 24/7 tech support offered in the USA and Europe.

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Customer Care

All Active Winglet installations are performed by Tamarack technicians who have a deep understanding of the technology and specialized training only available to our Tamarack Transformation Centers.

Active Winglets come with an inclusive warranty that covers parts, installation and cosmetic considerations, giving you peace of mind regarding your investment.

We understand that time is our only non-renewable resource, and our goal is an efficient and expedited process to return you safely to the skies should any trouble arise.

Our team of highly qualified professionals are here to help you meet the highest safety standard possible with 24/7 tech support; and our global network of over 20 Authorized Service Centers means that maintenance or AOG support is just around the corner.

Quality Standards

Tamarack Transformation centers are FAA & EASA approved maintenance facilities. FAA & EASA rules are specific about who can perform maintenance and approve an aircraft or airframe for return to service after maintenance has been performed, and our facilities fit the bill.

These facilities are subject to periodic inspections, which ensures that quality is maintained to the highest standards in the world.

World Class Vendors

Be it electronics from Wichita or composites from Kentucky, our vendors are long time contenders in the aviation industry. Tamarack’s vendor control process and FAA-approved quality system ensures that Active Winglets are built, assembled, and installed to the highest standard of excellence.

All Active Winglet kits are assembled at our headquarters in Sandpoint, Idaho in our FAA-approved Production Manufacturer Approval (PMA) production facility.

FAA and EASA Certified

As an innovative technology, the Active Winglet modification is rigorously tested during the certification process by both the FAA and EASA. Safety is the most important factor during these certification processes, and Tamarack Active Winglets meet or exceed the criteria of both agencies.

The certification process consists of rigorous flight testing to ensure performance safety, including simulating failure conditions. As a new technology, both FAA and EASA have added requirements that are more demanding than typical certification efforts. These added requirements include simulating all types of failures at all airspeeds and flight regimes to assess the results in-flight.

Tamarack currently has approval for the installation of its Active Winglets on all eight variants of the Cessna525, 525A and 525B in the US, the EU, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.  

The certification of Tamarack Aerospace’s Active Winglet technology was the culmination of a six year effort that included hundreds of hours of test flights on numerous aircraft.  During those flights the Tamarack jets have consistently experienced increased range at Max Continuous Thrust with Instrument Flight Rules reserves, and have seen significantly reduced times to climb.

Working Closely with the FAA on Future Safety Initiatives

Tamarack would like to thank the FAA for their commitment to flight safety, and for continuing to work with us to improve safety standards. The FAA Safety Team (FAAST) and Tamarack have been working side-by-side to improve access to FAA and EASA safety procedures, generating the curriculum for this knowledge topic. The Tamarack curriculum for the FAA WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program is available now.

Contact Tamarack to inquire about our FAA WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program, and how you can translate program credits to safer operations and reduced insurance rates.

Click here for the Tamarack Active Winglets Pilot Proficiency Course.

To find out more about our commitment to safety in aviation, please contact us.