Ron Anderson owns and flies a CJ1, with Mike Swiridow as his fellow pilot. After getting acquainted with CEO Nick Guida and learning a bit more about the technology, Ron made the decision to have the winglets installed. Mike flew the CJ1 from New Richmond, Wisconsin into Tamarack Headquarters in Sandpoint, and said “They taxied the aircraft into the hangar, parked it, brought me into the building, and treated me like royalty. They also explained everything that was going on and all the processes.” Within a week, the transformation was complete. Because there is no need to add additional wing structure, the result is no additional weight to the plane and a simpler, quicker installation; in fact, the part that takes the longest is waiting for the paint to dry. Once the transformation was complete, CEO Nick Guida, Mike, and Ron all went on a test flight. “It did things I never thought possible on aCJ”, Ron says, “it was thrilling and exciting, and my recommendation is to contact the Tamarack Sales team and talk to them about Active Winglets.” Mike also describes the updated performance as exemplary. “We’ve made some relatively long-distance flights and the climb is outstanding, you get to altitude so much faster and that’s where the fuel savings really comes in,” he says. Fuel savings, range increase, and significantly improved climb gradients are among the biggest advantages of SMARTWING™ technology. Overall, as Mike andRon say, “it’s a truly outstanding mod.”

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