Tamarack’s revolutionary wing technologies will transform your aircraft performance and your flying experience.

Winglets Explained

Aircraft wing efficiency is all about aspect ratio. Longer wings are more efficient for lift with lower drag. Winglets have been used for many years to increase wingspan, reduce drag from wing-tip vortices, and improve the lift distribution over the wing. However, traditional winglets have several drawbacks. In particular, they need additional wing structure and weight to carry the extra wing loads and are aerodynamically compromised, leaving significant efficiency gains on the table.

Not an Ordinary Winglet

Tamarack has created a new generation of winglets that eliminate these drawbacks with up to 5 times more efficiency than conventional models. Active Winglets are not just a winglet, but a three-part system consisting of a wing extension, winglets, and our ATLAS® load alleviation technology. Active winglets are uncompromised aerodynamically, which allows efficiency gains up to 33% and unsurpassed climb performance. They also deliver active turbulence canceling, because the active elements behave like a shock absorber for your wings, which reduces turbulence by up to 25%. Active Winglets reduce wing stress below OEM spec, which allows for increased payload, and improved wing life.

ATLAS® Load Alleviation Technology

Tamarack Active Winglets use a unique and patented smart-wing technology to dynamically respond to changing loads and conditions for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and stability. The key to the Active Winglet system is our ATLAS® load alleviation technology, which allows the system to aerodynamically “turn off” the winglet in specific conditions, eliminating additional loads.

Automated Technology

Using load sensors and a camber surface that can respond in fractions of a second, Tamarack Active Winglets automatically control wing bending during turbulence and high events. The Active Winglet is fully automatic, requires no pilot action, and functions autonomously from other aircraft systems. The result is peak efficiency – without the need to add additional wing structure – resulting in no additional weight and a simpler, quicker installation.


How Can Active Winglets Save Up to 33% in Fuel?

We know - it’s a big number! But real-life data from our fleet of over 140 aircraft tells the story. 

For example, a flat wing Cessna CJ/CJ1 aircraft that could fly three hours nonstop prior to installing Active Winglets can now fly four hours nonstop on the same fuel with Active Winglets. Another way to measure the fuel savings associated with Active Winglets is with range.  A flat wing aircraft is generally a 900 nautical miles aircraft. However, equipped with Active winglets, the same flatwing aircraft can fly at least 1,200 nautical miles.

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Fly Your Best

Tamarack Active Winglets will open a new world of possibilities for you and your aircraft. Cessna CJ aircraft fitted with Active Winglets reach cruising altitude in under 30 minutes and can soar above less advanced jets to reach an altitude between 41,000 and 45,000 feet.

With our forecasted fuel savings of up to 33%, the range of your flight missions is increased with unparalleled flight stability and ride smoothing. Active Winglets also add value to your aircraft with a 100% resale value (according to VREF data).
design and installation

Designed With You In Mind

Tamarack is made up of a team of highly specialized experts with unique abilities to solve complex issues. From design to certification, our engineers have the vision and experience to create and execute under FAA and EASA regulations. 

Tamarack currently has approval for the installation of its Active Winglets on all eight variants of the Cessna 525, 525A and 525B in the US, the EU, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.  Active Winglets transformations are completed in seven to ten days by our Tamarack Certified specialists. The process is complete with a personalized paint scheme. 

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We’re on a mission to make flying more sustainable.

Tamarack Active Winglets set a new standard in sustainable aviation with technology that is available today. Through our revolutionary design, we are making a positive impact right now.

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our commitment

Safety, Quality & Certification

Tamarack is committed to the highest level of safety for our customers and employees. Our Active Winglet technology undergoes a rigorous testing process, and is certified by the FAA and EASA.

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