At Tamarack, we diligently pursue our mission to improve aviation technology and safety – ensuring that both pilots and passengers have the safest, most reliable flying experience.

That’s why we are thrilled to offer you an incentive-based activity accredited through the FAA WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program.

About the WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program

The WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program is available to pilots who would like to continue skill building and safety education. The FAA’s mission is to improve aviation safety through training programs and WINGS activities, which are designed to address safety, improve proficiency, and educate pilots on better flying habits.

The Tamarack Active Winglets course can be accessed HERE or directly through the FAA FAAST site. An active FAAST account must exist in order to access the site via the FAA Safety Team site.

Once you have successfully completed the course, you can access the course and redeem your WINGS credits by following the instructions below:

How to Receive Your Credits

1.   You must be an active member of the WINGS program. If you are not already, please make an account through

2.   Once signed in, click on Activities and type in Tamarack into the “Keywords” search bar offered

3.   Click on “Tamarack’s Active Winglet Pilot Proficiency course”

4.   Click on “Request Credit” in order to redeem your credits earned.

5.   Fill out the completed date required, (the date you completed the course)

6.   Select validator:

The Tamarack Validator will be notified and will grant validation upon successful completion of the course.

 To confirm insurance provider will review credits, follow the steps below:

1.   Once signed in, click “Pilots” and select “My WINGS” on the dropdown menu

2. On the right-hand side of the webpage, you will see your WINGS-At a Glance.

2.   At the bottom of the webpage, select “External Credit Review”

3.   Fill in External Credit Review Authorization

Email: Add insurance information, contacts, and email.

Reference Number: Add insurance policy number or club membership number.

The completion of the above steps will notify your insurance company of the credits you have earned through the WINGS program.