King Air 200

Take your King Air 200 to the next level with Tamarack Performance SMARTWING™ technology. Experience unparalleled efficiency gains, unsurpassed climb capability, and safer landings.

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Introducing the next-level in efficiency and ability. Designed to take your King Air 200 the distance, no matter the mission, Performance SMARTWING™ technology is the groundbreaking solution King Air 200 operators have been waiting for. Eliminate downtime and prepare to accomplish the impossible with the revolutionary upgrade specifically engineered for your aircraft.

These aren’t the passive winglets you’ve seen on other King Air models — not even close. This is cutting-edge, autonomous technology that rapidly responds to changing & challenging aerodynamic conditions. Maximize every flight with increased OEI climb gradients, longer loiter time, and added take-off weight.

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What to Expect

Tamarack Active Winglets are retro-fitted with minimal downtime for your aircraft. The installation is non-invasive and we follow a process that has passed rigorous testing from both the FAA and EASA.

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