Introducing Tamarack ActiveCare: Comprehensive Coverage for Your Active Winglet Investment

Tamarack Aerospace is proud to announce the launch of Tamarack ActiveCare, our all-new, comprehensive warranty program designed to offer our customers an unparalleled ownership experience. This innovative program underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction, assuring you that we've got your back when it comes to the care and maintenance of your Active Winglet investment.

Your Investment, Our Priority

ActiveCare is more than just a warranty program — it's a testament to our dedication towards ensuring your peace of mind. We understand that each Active Winglet installation involves unique, custom parts that aren't typically covered by standard warranties like Textron ProAdvantage™. That's where ActiveCare steps in, providing comprehensive coverage for all Tamarack components.

World-Record Holder Bob Briggs Inspecting his Active Winglets

From commonly worn and damaged parts to unscheduled replacements, we've got you covered. ActiveCare is not just about parts; it's about providing a seamless service experience. Enjoy complimentary 3C inspections, overnight shipping for US customers, and unlimited technical support. Your convenience is our top priority.

Flexible Protection Plans

We're thrilled to offer three protection levels within the ActiveCare Program, each tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether your warranty is still active or has expired, we've waived the buy-in for 2023, offering you financial predictability regardless of your warranty status.

With most of our fleet already out of warranty, the ActiveCare Program is the perfect way to shield your investment from unexpected and rising costs. It's time to maximize your investment and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve with Tamarack ActiveCare.

Enroll Early in Tamarack ActiveCare

The early bird catches the worm! We encourage you to take advantage of the waived buy-in for 2023 and enroll early in Tamarack ActiveCare. Don't wait until an unexpected issue arises. Protect your investment proactively with our comprehensive coverage plan.

With Tamarack ActiveCare, we're redefining the standards of customer service and warranty coverage in the aerospace industry. Join us on this journey towards a worry-free ownership experience. To learn more about Tamarack ActiveCare or to enroll, please contact us today.

Experience the peace of mind you deserve with Tamarack ActiveCare - because at Tamarack Aerospace, your investment is our priority.

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