Tamarack ActiveCare

Introducing Tamarack ActiveCare — the SMART way to Manage the Maintenance of your favorite Investment

Welcome to Tamarack ActiveCare

Your Investment, Our Priority

Experience the peace of mind you deserve with Tamarack ActiveCare, our all-new, comprehensive program that covers all Tamarack components, offering you a seamless ownership experience. Tamarack has your back, with all the custom parts unique to your Active Winglet installation — items that you won't find coverage for with your Textron ProAdvantage™ account.

Comprehensive Coverage

From commonly worn & damaged parts to unscheduled replacements, we handle it all. We're proud of our fleet's reliable service history and are committed to including all system components in the Tamarack ActiveCare Program. Active Care goes beyond parts. Enjoy complimentary 3C inspections, overnight shipping for US customers, and unlimited technical support. Your convenience is our priority

Whether you're still under warranty or not, we offer three protection levels — each with waived buy-in for 2023. Choose the one that best suits your needs:


Our entry-level offering provides essential protection for your Active Winglet investment at an affordable rate of only $600 a month with a $20,000 annual deductible. Affordability meets practicality. Our Standard includes scheduled and unscheduled replacements. Plus, inspections, shipping, and technical support — make it a great value choice for budget-conscious customers.
$ 600 USD 
PAY Monthly
$ 6,624 USD 
$ 7,200 USD 
PAY yearly


Our top-tier offering provides the utmost protection for your Active Winglet investment — sign up before the end of the year for just $1,800 a month! Enjoy comprehensive coverage that includes all Tamarack components, scheduled and unscheduled replacements, inspections, shipping, and technical support — without an annual deductible. Designed to give you absolute peace of mind, eliminating unexpected costs and providing a trouble-free experience.
$ 1,800 USD 
PAY Monthly
$ 21,600 USD 
PAY yearly

New Customer

Tailored specifically for new members of our Tamarack Family, this exclusive tier offers a blend of cost-effectiveness and robust protection at just $900 a month or a yearly rate of $10,800. We understand the unique needs of our new customers and aim to make their transition as smooth as possible. This plan covers all Tamarack components, both scheduled and unscheduled replacements, and includes complimentary services such as inspections, shipping, and technical support. Uniquely designed to provide an easy introduction to Active Winglet ownership, this tier helps you manage your maintenance expenses effectively while also giving you the reassurance found with the comprehensive coverage provided by our higher tiers.
$ 900 USD 
PAY Monthly
$ 10,800 USD 
PAY yearly

Maximize Your Investment with Tamarack ActiveCare Program

Time truly does fly! With most of our fleet already out of warranty, the ActiveCare Program is the perfect way to shield your investment from unexpected (and rising) costs. Choose from any of our three flexible protection plans and enjoy a waived buy-in for 2023, ensuring financial predictability regardless of your warranty status. Don't wait - enroll early in the Tamarack ActiveCare!

  • TACS Return Spring (Life limited part):Current Price: $352.50 each
  • Leading Edge Tape: Current Price: $151.62
  • Refinish of Glare shields (2 day turnaround): Current Price: 1,305.00 each
  • Static Wicks, Bases and Adhesive: Current Price: $453.30 each
  • Hardware, bushings and bearings found to need replacement during inspection.
  • ACU (ATLAS Control Unit): Current Price: $22,670.31
  • TCU (TACS Control Unit): Current Price: $35,572.56 each
  • Annunciator LRU: Current Price: $ 2,445.66
  • Whelen LED Wing Tip Lights: Current Price: $7,960.56 each
  • Whelen LED Tail Light; Current Price: $1,062.00
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