Meet Philip Goforth, an ATLAS-modified Cessna CitationJet flyer with an aviation career as unique as it is adventurous! Goforth began flying at a young age in Alaska, piloting bush missions before converting to a commercial pilot with a penchant for playing with gyrocopters and variety of other flying machines. He has been highly involved in International Formula 1 Pylon Air Racing for 11 years, serving as Pilot Commuter Chair for 3 years before being elected Formula 1 Class President in 2017. Since the December 2019 Active Winglet installation, he has been greatly pleased with the CitationJet’s advanced performance echelon. Tamarack is delighted to see such a versatile pilot using our technology on a regular basis!

Goforth’s typical missions entail extreme temperatures and significant elevation; flying mostly out of Texas and Nevada, his take-offs occur at 7,000 - 8,000 ft., with his missions lasting roughly two-and-a-half hours. “The winglets were intended to help flights for hot weather and high elevation demands, plus increased safety,” he explained, noting that they “have definitely improved the airplane flying high/heat missions.”

According to Goforth, this can be accredited to how quickly the aircraft can takeoff, land, and cruise at altitude with Active Winglets. He is personally able to fly 20 knots faster at FL400 than he was able prior to the modification! “It just flies better,” he stated, a testament that Tamarack can get behind, along with over 100 happy customers taking to the skies!

Congratulations to Philip Goforth for his fresh and exciting experiences flying with Tamarack Active Winglets! We are committed to continue providing these exciting experiences to pilots everywhere. Please visit this link to discover more about Active Winglet technology!

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