We are pleased to introduce CFI/CFII operator Lauren Haggar and DOD contract pilot Lorin Myers, two of Tamarack® Aerospace Group’s newest friends! Their missions are primarily based in Raleigh, North Carolina, where Haggar operates as co-pilot to Myers. Myers’ Cessna 525 was the most recent aircraft to receive a Tamarack Active Winglet System in May 2020, allowing both pilots to experience incredible flight benefits and first-rate customer assistance from our crew! Haggar and Myers are beyond impressed with Tamarack’s impeccable service, reporting a “top notch” experience and successful flight results since the install!

Haggar “loved every interaction” she had with the company during the process, noting her extremely positive first impression of the Active Winglet: smooth, comfortable, and steady. After a fun and exciting flight, Haggar was excited to experience the results for her own charter missions with Myers. As an aircraft enthusiast, flight instructor and soon-to-be second in command, she saw the immediate potential of the Active Winglet System; the winglets allow for a higher climb, with less fuel burn as a result – and ultimately further nonstop flights for charter customers.

“This makes charter flying even more appealing,” she explained regarding business passengers who book cross-country flights. “It’s much better that we can do it in one straight shot.”

In early May, Haggar and Myers flew the newly modified Cessna 525 from Driggs, Idaho to Smithfield, North Carolina nonstop. After a 4.5-hour flight with a light tail wind, Haggar considered the results “phenomenal,” expressing that the Active Winglet System “really makes the plane perform how it was supposed to – the winglets make it happen.”

One of Myers’ notable takeaways was the ability to climb to max ceiling with ease even on short flights, which was not practical prior to the modifications. “The winglets have provided a direct climb without a max loss of energy at the top end,” explained Myers, reporting a “significant” 20-gallon difference per hour. “We reach max cruise speed much quicker and benefit from that fuel saving on that altitude.”

Our growing relationships are always exciting, and our revolutionary winglets help operators like Haggar and Myers capitalize on the true capability of their aircraft. Myers has dubbed the active winglet a “game changer” due to their newfound ability to increase payload and fly further non-stop. “You always just want to go that little bit of extra distance with what you have,” he shared, “this has allowed me to be comfortable.” Now, Myers and Haggar can fly with added passengers and greatly improve their standard business model!

In addition to increased flight efficiency, Myers can report overall customer appreciation regarding the ramp appeal of his newly modified aircraft, calling it “a work of art.” Non-pilots can recognize the winglet shape from their experience with commercial jets – thus, the sleek and sophisticated look of the Active Winglet System emanates that similar cutting-edge confidence.

Thank you, Lauren Haggar and Lorin Myers, for your devoted investment in the future of aerospace and fuel efficiency! We are thrilled to see our revolutionary technology on yet another CitationJet and applaud the progress of the aviation community as we move toward cleaner skies. Our goals are made possible by the incredible Tamarack team and our supporters like Myers and Haggar, who together form a family that will continue to grow and build a new era of innovation!

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