Kevin Mock, founder and President of SkySouth Aviation (est. 2003), changed the game for his North Carolina-based charter company when he started flying with the Tamarack Active Winglet System. With over 30 years and 8,000 hours of flying experience, Mock was not only thrilled to add a 525 to the SkySouth fleet, but to also untap the jets’ true potential by purchasing an Active Winglet-equipped CJ1. After a short time with the new asset, Mock has reported extraordinary flight results and overall service from our team!

When Mock and his team began their search for a winglet fitted CJ1, they were immediately intrigued by the Active Winglet’s sleek and modern ramp appeal. In fact, the elevated design of the modification made the CJ1 appear to Mock as a superior CJ model! However, it was the Tamarack comprehensive payload-range diagrams that immediately convinced Mock of the revolutionary Active Winglet technology; these diagrams speak for themselves, and it was obvious that the Tamarack modified aircraft would be a significantly better long-term investment than any other option in sight.  

Upon obtaining the much-anticipated 525 aircraft in January 2020, SkySouth was ready to make these projected flight improvements their own reality. Mock and his team have expressed gratitude for our commitment to remarkable service after we quickly refurbished the winglets’ cosmetic paint under Tamarack’s reliable product warranty - with little time lost and much appreciation to our team, Mock was off to the sunny skies, leaving SkySouth and the FAA beyond impressed!

With freshly painted winglets and a new asset to the SkySouth fleet, Mock made a trip from Burlington Alamance Regional Airport in North Carolina to Tucson, Arizona. Due to headwinds, Mock made a stop in Oklahoma and topped his fuel while there. However, on his flight back to North Carolina he flew non-stop 1,596 nautical miles (nm) for 3.9 hours at FL410 - a feat impossible for a CJ1 to accomplish without Tamarack Active Winglet technology! With 1402 nm remaining after level off and tailwinds ahead, Mock and the SkySouth crew landed in Burlington with approximately an hour of fuel remaining.

SkySouth has primarily offered charter services on Barons for many years, so obtaining a CJ1 for the fleet was a step-up for them – but securing a CJ1 with Tamarack Active Winglets was a leap. Pricing out at approximately 50% more for a round-daytrip, Mock is now able to fly smarter while cutting flight duration by one-third or more depending on stage length! In addition, he can carry more pax per trip and still complete longer flights, which is not feasible in flatwing aircrafts.

Congratulations, SkySouth, on your newest aircraft and incredible flight efficiency! We are overjoyed that the Tamarack Active Winglet System has treated you this well, improved your flights, and bettered your business. We are excited for the new flight experiences you will share with clients, and deeply appreciate your dedication to push the envelope and fly at your true potential!

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