Tamarack Aerospace Group has published a customer Service Bulletin (SB) to the Tamarack website and customers received a letter explaining that the new Service Bulletin is a follow up to the customer Service Letter distributed in late 2020.

November 14, 2023, Sandpoint Idaho – The 2020 letter was an owner advisory calling for owners to perform a visual check “already included in the approved flight manual Supplement.”

The 2020 Service Letter (SL 525-01) and the new Service Bulletin (SBATLAS-57-06) describe updates to the Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS) related to preflight checks, and the latest SB mandates the installation of the new AFMS along with the installation of “Enhanced Visibility Placards” on the pilot’s-side Tamarack Active Camber Surface (TACS).

The literature explains that the new placards are meant to “enhance visibility of the TACS' movement during night operations” and will satisfy future requirements by the FAA.

The SB is more explicit stating that “This service bulletin is expected to be the terminating action for a future FAA Airworthiness Directive(AD).”

The SB states that the placard placement and associated AFMS updates must be instated within 60 flight hours or 6 months from the date of receipt, whichever occurs first. Although, those in the industry know, that only an FAA AD can enforce such criteria.

“In this case, we identified an improvement, and we went to the FAA and asked them to help us mandate this for the fleet, even though it’s a fairly subtle safety improvement,” said Tamarack President Jacob Klinginsmith. “Our team was proactive, and have been developing this improvement with the FAA directly,” explained Klinginsmith.

The literature explains that the entire SB package is provided at no charge to customers.

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