Keep the Jet You Love - Get the Range You Want

I love to innovate, so one of the best parts of my job is working with jet owners to get maximum performance out of their aircraft.

When I meet new owners, I first need to understand the performance they really want and the nature of the trips they usually fly during the year. Aircraft owners looking to improve their performance or capabilities have many reasons to upgrade, but every owner must consider what is their best value. Often, these prospects are considering investing in a new aircraft but are not quite ready to commit to the $1M+ additional investment. So, I get to tell them that they can still count on their favorite CJ and simply take its performance to the next level. I have personally spoken to multiple aircraft owners in the past month about the opportunity this creates for their current fleet.

The concept of flying ‘smarter’ by investing in winglets is not a new concept - but flying with Active Winglets is an entirely different story. This is where Tamarack shines the brightest; we have created technology that will elevate our customer’s aircraft performance to the range of its ‘bigger brother’. In other words, a CJ equipped with Active Winglets performs like a flatwing CJ2, and a CJ2 equipped with Active Winglets performs like a flatwing CJ3. This is why I always ask jet owners “do you want CJ2 range on your CJ1?” or “how about CJ3 Payload capability on the CJ2 you currently own?”

For example, consider a flatwing CJ2 owner who needs to fly a 1,500 nautical mile leg non-stop: One option is to purchase a flatwing CJ3 to replace their current CJ2 (an approximate $1M increase in acquisition cost). However, the Active Winglet System can give the same range and payload to the CJ2 without needing to invest in the CJ3. This means that the owner can make an immediate triple return on their investment plus fuel saved every trip - proving that better flying does not come at the cost of a brand-new aircraft. It is fantastic to see jet owners taking their dollars further and falling in love with their jets all over again!

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