Finally, the days are getting longer, the air is warming up, and those projects we've been putting off all winter are ready to...well, we'll get to those eventually, right?

The point is summer is just around the corner, and with those dog days approaching, every pilot needs to be prepared for the challenges ahead — specifically high/hot conditions.

Summer Weather Brings Extreme Temps Throughout the US

You know what we're talking about; that short list of airports, each located atop some mile-high mountain or in a remote, scorching hot desert. The conditions at these places are always challenging, but they're downright brutal come summer. Without proper planning, circumstances at these locations can and will significantly impact aircraft performance, including reduced engine power and lift. For pilots flying CitationJets, it's crucial to consider these factors and plan accordingly to ensure safe and efficient flights.

Here's an example we can all relate to; located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, at an altitude of 9,078 feet, Telluride Regional Airport is notorious for pushing the limits of high/hot conditions. At this popular CJ hotspot, summer temperatures routinely soar well above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, further exacerbating the effects of its high altitude.

High/Hot Chart for Active Winglet Equipped M2 vs. Unmodified M2

In addition to the effects of high temperatures, CitationJet pilots flying in or out of Telluride must also consider the impact of

density altitude on aircraft performance.

So how exactly do you beat the heat — and elevation without leaving your passengers and all their luggage stranded in Telluride (could be worse, right...)?

Simple; transform your CJ with Tamarack Active Winglet technology.

And here you thought they just made CJs look awesome. With Active Winglet technology, the surface area of your CJs wings is significantly increased, which can dramatically improve climb gradients. By increasing the effective wingspan of the aircraft, creating more lift, and reducing drag, Active Winglets enable CJ pilots to take off heavier and reach cruising altitude much more quickly.

Flying out of Telluride with Active Winglets means you can take off 1,000 pounds heavier and still make gradients, which increases your safety margin considerably. Now, you can deploy more reliably instead of leaving at inconvenient times before sunrise to beat the heat. Your options dramatically increase with Active Winglets, which in turn increases the utility of your aircraft; each flight can carry an increased payload or fuel and maintain a safe level above and beyond regulatory expectations.

Furthermore, the increased surface area provided by Active Winglets enhances lateral stability, making it easier for pilots to control their aircraft during takeoff and landing. This is especially critical in high/hot conditions, where reduced air density at high altitudes and temperatures can make the aircraft less stable and more difficult to control.

Take that Telluride. But wait — there's more!

A CJ equipped with Active Winglets can also achieve a maximum climb rate of 4,600 feet per minute, which is higher than the standard CitationJets maximum climb rate of only 3,330 feet per minute. This means that with Active Winglets, CJ owners can reach cruising altitude faster, which is safer, reduces fuel consumption, and improves overall efficiency, even in high/hot conditions.

Tables 1 and 2 show the comparison between the Baseline and Modified aircraft regular CJ.  This is not exactly the same for the other models but follows the same trends. It is clear the advantages of having Tamarack winglets to extend to mission capability but they also allow a heavier aircraft to be safely operated under the same conditions. 

CJ Climb Gradient Requirements for One Engine Inoperative. (OEI
A CJ flying out of Telluride, 9000’ MSL at 25C.

While these are more extreme situations, imagine the added safety margins offered to your everyday flights. Knowing your jet can perform with the added climb performance will give you built in you peace of mind.

It's no wonder nearly 200 CJ owners already fly with and absolutely love Tamarack Active Winglet technology. These pilots know firsthand the long list of benefits, especially come summer, when climb performance and overall efficiency in high/hot conditions matter most.

So as you prepare for summer flying, remember to consider the challenges of high/hot conditions. Every year pilots lose countless hours waiting on the ramp...or are forced to schedule flights so early everyone is grumpy for the rest of the day. With Tamarack Active Winglet technology, you'll enjoy safer and more efficient flights, no matter the location or the weather — and confidently take to the skies during these long, hot summer months.

To learn more about the FAA-certified performance gains available to CE525 owners with the Tamarack upgrade, visit the Tamarack Customer Support page here.

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