Tamarack Aerospace Takes Flight at CJP National and NBAA 2023

Gather round, aviators! Team Tamarack is excited to announce we'll see everyone at two of our favorite upcoming industry events - the Citation Jet Pilots (CJP) National Convention and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention.

This is your chance to meet our team, explore our latest technological advances, and see firsthand how we're pioneering the future of aviation technology and sustainability.

First up, CJP National Convention, from October 11-14 in the music city of Nashville, Tennessee. As proud Platinum Sponsors of this event, we're thrilled to connect with other Citation Jet pilots and fans alike — we can't wait for all the great networking, discussion, and deep dives into the world of aviation. And let's not forget the annual auction - we've put together a pretty sweet package this year that's sure to spark a bidding war!

Many members from our nearly 200-strong Tamarack Family will be there in full force, ready talk Tamarack as well as showcase our transformative Active Winglet technology. Already making waves with a 10% market capture of Cessna Citations, we're eager to share how these Active Winglets can revolutionize your flight performance and efficiency with everyone attending CJP.

Following CJP National, we'll be heading to the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition 2023, a premier event that draws over 23,000 attendees from across the globe. We're thrilled to share our latest work on the Airbus A320 wing project and the proprietary Airbus SMARTWING™ upgrade, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability initiatives and a greener future in aviation.

We're also incredibly excited to discuss our recent partnership with SkyAlps. Together, we're developing the world's most efficient regional aircraft, the DeHavilland Q400 aircraft. With our Eco-SMARTWING™ technology, we're enhancing the performance and safety of SkyAlps' fleet while significantly reducing emissions, noise pollution, and fuel consumption.

At both events, we look forward to answering your questions and engaging in important conversations about the future of our innovative technology. We encourage anyone attending either event to schedule a meeting with us in advance at (208)255-4400 or through our contact page.

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