The aircraft valuation guide VREF has valued Tamarack Aerospace Active Winglets at 100% of their purchase price for the Cessna series CJ, CJ1, CJ1+ and M2 aircraft.

Tamarack Founder and CEO, Nick Guida, refers to the value of Active Winglets as a “multiple on investment,” because the modification’s 100%resale advantage adds immediate value to any aircraft while saving fuel on every flight - in comparison to immediately depreciating modifications like avionics, paint, Wi-Fi, or interior upgrades.

Even without factoring in resale value, the cost of Tamarack Active Winglets is recouped in fuel savings alone in approximately 3.6 years.


Tamarack Active Winglets are unique as they are three to four times more efficient than traditional winglet types. Traditional winglets need additional wing structure and weight to carry the extra wing loads and are aerodynamically compromised, leaving significant efficiency gains on the table.

Active Winglets are not just a winglet, but a three-part system consisting of a wing extension, winglets, and our ATLAS® load alleviation technology. Active Winglets are uncompromised aerodynamically, which allows efficiency gains of up to 33%, unsurpassed climb performance, and slower, safer landings.

Investment Benefits

This allows the Active Winglet CitationJet many benefits, including:

·      Faster climb to altitude

·      Acceleration to cruise speed in 1/3 of OEM time

·      Decreased fuel burn at certified service ceiling

·      Slower landing speeds

·      Ride smoothing and stability

CJ2 with the Additional Six Feet of Wingspan Active Winglets Provide

One of the most sought-after benefits of flying with Active Winglet technology is the Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW)increase. MZFW is the maximum allowable aircraft weight, not including fuel on board. Since aircraft wings suspend the aircraft cabin between them, the weight limitation is determined by the aircraft’s ability to support the aircraft weight without inertial relief from the weight of fuel stored in the wings.

Simply put, an Active Winglet transformed aircraft can hold much, much more than a stock aircraft, allowing for takeoff with an additional 500 to 1,000 lbs. and the ability to land with greater reserves. In addition, needing and using less fuel means taking more payload if needed - the options and functionality of the aircraft increase overall with Active Winglets.

Active Winglets provide an additional 400 lbs. MZFW increase for Cessna CitationJet variants M2, CJ, CJ1, CJ1+, CJ2+, CJ3 andCJ3+.  

Active Winglets provided an additional 800 lbs. MZFW increase for Cessna CitationJet CJ2.

Investing in Safety

While it may be difficult to quantify the value of safety, it is certainly the most important factor in all aspects of aviation. Investing in safety does not compare to the advantages of other modifications, like avionics, paint, or interior upgrades. However, modifying an aircraft with Active Winglets allows new and improved OEI climb gradients, better stability, ride smoothing, and new structural envelope protection. These capabilities are essential while operating in high/hot conditions, as well as legal and safe for OEI climb gradients, which is for critical for both pilots and dispatch.

In addition, Active Winglets make aircraft more resilient to weather and airport conditions, representing the difference between departing or staying grounded. This also means a reduced need to offload fuel or schedule early morning departures just to get cooler temps. The extra range provided allows for meaningful, safe, and efficient trips.

Make the Ultimate Investment

Transforming your aircraft with Active Winglet technology is a decision made for the betterment of its flight performance, safety, and resale value. While other, less impactful interior or cosmetic modifications may simply wear over time, this investment holds immediate returns; such as significant fuel savings recoup the cost of the Active Winglets from the very first mission flown after installing.

Learn more about the incredible resale value of a Tamarack Transformed aircraft here [MV1] and get first hand knowledge from a prior Active Winglet-equipped jet owner:

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