Aviation Disruptors Use Tamarack Aerospace Group Engineers to Innovate Sustainable Tech

Tamarack recruiting more top engineers to support growing demand

Sandpoint, Idaho – For competitive reasons, Tamarack is actively engaged in providing engineering services to confidential clientele. Each day, the Tamarack team dedicates itself to pioneering the future of aviation, encompassing groundbreaking developments such as autonomous flight, electric propulsion, and advancements in commercial aviation. Notably, their expertise is hands-on, as evidenced by their involvement with the Airbus A320 wing project at their Sandpoint hangar, which serves a dual role by benefiting one of their clients while also contributing to their proprietary Airbus SMARTWING™ upgrade."

“Our engineering business has tripled in the last three years and we need to hire more exceptional engineers to keep up with the growing demand,” said Nathan Cropper, Tamarack’s Chief Engineer. He adds that these new aviation clients are turning to Tamarack because of the engineering and certification history with the patented SMARTWING™ technology that saves fuel, enhances safety and extends aircraft range and life.

Now focused on commercial operators and sustainability initiatives, Tamarack recently announced progress and support from the regional airline market with the DeHavilland Q400 platform; as well as serious interest from Airbus A320 operators looking for significant emissions reductions and a better bottom line – both derived from fuel savings on a platform that is both ubiquitous and responsible for the majority of global aviation emissions.

In 2015 Tamarack Aerospace was the first to develop and certify active load alleviation for a general aviation aircraft. As of mid-2023 the company has captured nearly 10% of the Cessna Citation market (over 180 Cessna Citation aircraft) with the Tamarack Active Winglet upgrade which, in the case of the CJ’s offers up to 33% range improvements, a corresponding fuel savings (Example: Tamarack King Air NAA world record setter), a smoother ride in turbulence, and safer, more stable landings while getting to altitude faster and reducing noise pollution.

Tamarack was founded by aviation engineers and pilots with a passion for peak performance and maximum efficiency. What started as a small aerospace engineering shop that has registered intellectual property including over 30 patents, several global Supplemental Type Certificates, and importantly, a strong bullpen of aviation experts. Tamarack prides itself on the internal processes developed using software for automation, including looking at how artificial intelligence can be used to streamline workflows and improve designs.

Now, with over 13 years since its founding and 8 years since upgrading the first Cessna CitationJet, Tamarack has been steadily growing the engineering services side of the business in response to requests from other aerospace companies, mostly startups, who need help bringing innovation to the industry and proving safety in a highly regulated industry.

“Our engineering team is very diverse in terms of experience and specialty ranging from some amazing designers who head up our rapid prototyping and 3D printing, electrical systems which is the lifeblood of Tamarack’s products, flight test engineers, and very specialized aerodynamic loads and flutter engineers. It’s an amazingly talented and nimble team with broad range of skills,” says a proud Cropper.

Tamarack currently has three openings listed on its website, recruiting talent to help meet the demands of an industry in a season of growth.

“We all see the innovations coming to market from eVTOL aircraft and hybrid technologies, and we’re reaching a point in the industry where those innovators are moving from concept to early flights with an eye on FAA certification and production readiness,” points out Jacob Klinginsmith, Tamarack President.

“It’s an exciting time of growth and innovation in the industry and as a group of aviation enthusiasts and experts, we’re thrilled to be a part of it with this portion of our business. While our SMARTWINGTM technology continues to be our focus, offering engineering services to the industry allows us to have a tremendous team and talent that most product companies don’t have. Customers see what we’re doing and want our help to get their products to market,” says Klinginsmith.

For more information about Tamarack’s capabilities can be found at www.TamarackAero.com/Consulting.

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