Tamarack is Proud to Announce Our StartEngine Campaign Top Investors

After running a successful StartEngine campaign, with nearly $250,000 raised in support of our Eco-SMARTWING™ technology, Tamarack is proud to announce our top-tier investors. The support these individuals have shown will play an integral role in our push to begin transforming the single-isle A320 market.

A huge thank you to:

Scott Sayre, DDS

Daniel Simpson

Larry McKoane

J. Wickham Zimmerman. 

Robert B. Briggs 

Timothy Smith

Mike Laver

Rayleigh Rask

Each of you is a valuable member of the Tamarack Family, and we are beyond grateful for your investment. We look forward to showing the world what each of you and nearly 10% of the CitationJet market already knows — that Tamarack takes you further!

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