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At Tamarack Aerospace, we refer to our Active Winglet installation process as a transformation. While this term might not be typical for aircraft modifications, we have always been anything but typical; our technology does not just slightly improve an aircraft, but completely transforms it into a new version of itself!

Our transformative results fall into three different categories: Aesthetics, Performance, and Value.

Active Winglets are known to make a powerful first impression, completely altering the previous look of the aircraft. With a new aerodynamic shape, longer wings, larger presence, and refined paint work, the aircraft will look as upgraded as it feels.

In addition, the performance abilities of the aircraft are greatly transformed to fly in a completely different way; Active Winglets provide a faster climb, longer range, smoother ride, and the ability to land at slower speeds and shorter distances.

These factors contribute to the amazing value transformation your aircraft will undergo during this process, like a VREF-estimated 100% ROI, plus immediate returns from fuel savings. Unlike average aircraft modifications (paint, radio, wi-fi, etc.) that you have to invest in, you get to invest in Active Winglets.

Transform your aircraft, transform your value, transform the way you fly.

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Tamarack Active Winglets are retro-fitted with minimal downtime for your aircraft. The installation is non-invasive and we follow a process that has passed rigorous testing from both the FAA and EASA.

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